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2-in-1 Headphone Air Purifier – Dakarai News

Dyson’s latest proposal is a device that combines an air purifier inseparably paired with headphones (or vice versa). With a few weeks to go before they go on sale, we at Gadget have already tested them.

Dyson sources assure that their Zones are the result of five years of research and development, created long before the COVID pandemic, because, in fact, they do not prove to be able to eliminate that virus. It is a gadget that combines two functions: headphones for listening to audio of all kinds and a personal air purifier.

The summary of its features and benefits is as follows:

  • Up to 50 hours of autonomy in audio mode only; up to 4 hours of autonomy with the cleaner at work.
  • Advanced noise cancellation technology.
  • Full-spectrum faithful audio.
  • Capture 99% of contamination from particles as small as 0.1 microns.
  • K-Carbon potassium-enriched carbon filters to capture acid gases associated with urban pollution.
  • Charging the battery to 100% in 3 hours.

Cleaning the air you breathe

Its air-purifying dynamics consist of a compressor built into each earcup that captures air from the user’s immediate environment and projects it toward the nose and mouth. This is channeled through the removable viewfinder as it passes through various two-layer filters.

Sound system

As for the sound system, Dyson sources insist it’s the work of its own engineers from start to finish, so it hasn’t turned to a specialist company as a partner. Its ANC (active noise cancellation technology) aspect is based on eight microphones that monitor ambient noise 384,000 times per second. They are able to cancel up to 38 dB of noise. Its transformers are 40 mm and 16 ohms.


We were able to test the Dyson Zone for 1 hour on a press launch day ahead of its commercial launch in Spain at the end of August. We start from the basis that it is a tool whose mission is to fight two types of pollution: acoustic and environmental, so we must analyze them from two very different perspectives.

We start by confirming what, based on the official photos revealed last December, we assumed: it is a device with generous dimensions. Despite being over-ear headphones (they practically completely enclose the ears), their speakers stand out as such. The blue color, in two available finish tones, doesn’t help its discretion either. They weigh theirs, about 600 gr, however after wearing them (at the moment without a cleaning mask) they are not worried about this. They fit great, the ear cushions are extremely comfortable and the extendable headband does the job well. As a curiosity, the two modules you see on the sides of the headband are both batteries.

In our opinion, they offer very high quality sound. Although the test was not very extensive, we used a music platform with high audio resolution with songs of very different styles: from classical to electronic and, of course, two heavy metal songs with many beats. Yes, the Dyson Move sounds very -very- good. We really liked the spatial feel, the distribution of the instruments and the naturalness they bring to the voices. One outstanding virtue above all? How well they handle the bass.

Then we put on the mask, which is adjusted by means of side magnets and thanks to the hinges it can be kept sitting, resting on the chest. In its ‘natural’ location, it does not touch the mouth or nose. Before describing our impressions, it is necessary to point out that it is a totally flexible mask (it can be twisted) and hyper light; so much so that, when worn, its extra weight is hardly appreciated.

As soon as you start, you notice that fresh air is reaching your nose and mouth and that it smells good, or rather, it doesn’t smell at all, which is very good. Because another of the powers of this cleaner is that it eliminates odors. As for the other aspect of eliminating gases and toxicities, we have no choice but to take Dyson’s word for it because we lack the means to verify it. By the way, when the cleaning system is at work, you are accompanied by a noise that rises to the peak as it increases its cleaning capacity. It doesn’t bother him and, besides, NKSH does a perfect job in this regard.

Dyson Move are one of the most important devices of the moment. It is true that they will be a sight magnet when you go out with them on the street and do not rule out that there will be people asking you to take a photo. Because it is very noticeable, when the mask is on, they are many. But still, we think it’s a very good idea to combine both aspects, audio and cleaning, in the same device. On the audio side, without a doubt, quality, premium; in the ‘clean’ air you breathe, the sensations are very pleasant. Its price starts from 899 euros. Its sale in Spain is planned for the end of August this year 2023.



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