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Cinema promotion firm PaperAirplane hits milestone with studios, theaters – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Exhibition marketing firm PaperAirplane Media, which has been a crossroads for theaters and studios since launching during the pandemic in August 2020, has reached a milestone on its digital asset download portal, The Hanger, with 500,000 marketing assets in the dismissed studios.

Lionsgate vets Mike Polydoros and Will Preuss saw an opportunity and a need in the area of ​​exhibitor relations and immediately seized it in 2020, even though theaters weren’t 100% open. Basically, their Hanger portal is an area where studios can deposit all their marketing materials for cinemas, which they can then download for promotional purposes.

PaperAirplane connects cinemas, studios and theatrical media advertising agencies, creating and driving theatrical promotions. Basically, exhibitors don’t have to go distributor after distributor to find the materials they need to open a movie on any given weekend.

PaperAirplane has also been instrumental in providing guidance to theater circles on how to optimize their royalty subscription lists and market specifically to those members, as well as informing studios about introducing digital exhibition promotion. The firm also assists indie distributors with their theatrical marketing support.

Hanger launched in October 2020 seeing 3,700 digital assets downloaded to its platform that year. This rose to north of 103k in 2021 and a further 226k in 2022. This year looks set to surpass that number as over 170,000 assets have already been downloaded.

Last year, The Cinema Foundation worked with PaperAirplane to communicate and host digital assets for their membership in support of National Cinema Day. Over 7,000 assets were used by exhibitors of all sizes in support of the initiative.

PaperAirplane CEO Polydoros said: “It’s a testament to the partnership between the exhibition and the studios when you see that over half a million digital assets have been downloaded over the last 2 ½ years. Remember, that’s half a million times the exhibition has promoted a film through one of channels they own and operate, such as social media, an email blast, push notification, digital lobby or menu board display. It’s truly remarkable.”

PaperAirplane President Will Preuss said: “It’s fascinating that, after 2 1/2 years, we now have the data to see trends and patterns in the market, giving us visibility into which assets are performing best for exposure. This helps us guide our customers to plant their materials more efficiently. We’ve also seen a tremendous increase in usage, with over 1,000 assets per day being downloaded.”

“Mike Polydoros and the team at PaperAirplane have revolutionized the theatrical distribution system with their studio partners by enabling much more visibility for film fans through trailers, digital tools and social media. They can also pay a dime by getting any creative changes immediately in theaters,” said Steve Bunell, EVP of Content Strategy for Marcus Theaters.

With over 3,000 registered users, PaperAirplane works with almost every studio, large and small, and now counts 99% of the North American Box Office as users of the platform. Over 300 unique exhibitors per day visit The Hanger, spending 12 minutes a session reviewing and downloading digital assets that they then use to promote upcoming films.

“Congratulations to Mike, Will and the entire PaperAirplane team on this amazing milestone of 500,000 downloads,” said Richard Grover, Chief Marketing Officer at Regal. “The Hanger has greatly improved the flow of studio content and materials to exhibitors. By creating a single, efficient resource, our teams can better execute film promotion with simple studio and exhibition coordination.”

Mike Bowers, CEO of Harkins Theaters commented, “I and the rest of the Harkins team congratulate Mike and Will on their success with PaperAirplane. PaperAirplane’s rapid growth can certainly be attributed to their extensive knowledge of the industry, creative marketing strategies and perhaps most importantly, their honest business approach.

“Today, digital marketing means personalization at scale,” said Adam Cassels, VP Global Marketing at Cinionic. “Achieving our digital marketing ambitions requires partners and agencies that understand today’s trends, technologies and theatrical ecosystem. PaperAirplane’s unified platform and industry expertise has allowed us to deliver multiple, localized co-branded promotions in multiple countries.”

PaperAirplane recently completed an equity buyout from their former JV partner and is now fully owned by him.



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