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Discover the Latest Answers with Rabbit R1’s AI Technology

Ever felt bogged down by the endless need to switch between apps for answers? Good news: The Rabbit R1 is revolutionising that with Perplexity’s cutting-edge AI. This blog post will guide you through how this savvy gadget eases your digital life, delivering smart, seamless interactions straight out of the future.

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CES 2024 Spotlight: Introducing Rabbit R1 AI Gadget with Rabbit OS, Cutting-Edge Apps, and Uber Integration on the Advanced Touchscreen AI Pin Assistant

The Rabbit R1 is an AI-powered gadget that seamlessly connects to your apps, making them easily accessible without the need for traditional smartphone use. It’s designed to enhance efficiency and provide a personalised operating system for a user-friendly experience.

AI-powered gadget

Get ready to meet the Rabbit R1, an AI-powered gadget that’s shaking up how we handle information. Powered by Perplexity’s AI, this smart tool delivers answers right when you need them.

Imagine asking a question and getting an instant reply from the vast web of knowledge Perplexity’s large language model has to offer. It’s like having a super-smart friend in your pocket!

The R1 hooks up with all your favorite apps too, making it easier than ever to manage everything from schedules to music with simple voice commands. No more swiping through screens or typing out long searches.

Just talk to your Rabbit R1, and let the magic of Perplexity’s conversational AI take care of the rest—hands-free! Use it once and watch as it transforms into your personalised assistant that knows just what you want before you even ask.

Connects to your apps

The Rabbit R1 isn’t just smart on its own—it plays nice with your favorite apps too. Imagine asking a question and getting answers that pull live data from your calendar, weather app, or news feeds.

All thanks to Perplexity’s AI, this gadget seamlessly integrates with the apps you use every day. You won’t have to jump between different applications; the R1 brings everything together in one place.

Your conversations can include updates from your social media accounts or scores from last night’s game—all without opening multiple apps. With the first 100,000 buyers getting a free Perplexity Pro subscription for a year, those early adopters will experience next-level connectivity right out of the box.

Ready to make all your apps work as one? The Rabbit R1 is set to do just that.

Designed for seamless app usage

Connecting to your apps is just the beginning. The Rabbit R1 takes it one step further by making sure you glide through your favorite apps with no hitches. Imagine getting answers and performing tasks without ever leaving the app you’re in.

This gadget bridges the gap between asking and doing—fast.

You won’t have to jump from one application to another looking for information. Just ask, and Rabbit R1 uses Perplexity AI’s large language model to fetch what you need, right where you are.

It tailors each experience to fit your habits and preferences, learning as it goes. This means more time enjoying your apps and less time wrestling with them.

How does the Rabbit R1 operate in 2024? launching the Power of AI, Advanced Rabbit OS, Cutting-Edge Apps, and the Large Action Model at CES 2024.

Powered by the advanced AI technology from Perplexity, the Rabbit R1 utilises natural language processing to seamlessly connect with your apps and perform tasks. With no need for traditional smartphone use, it simplifies daily activities and enhances the user experience.

Powered by Perplexity’s AI technology

The Rabbit R1 operates using Perplexity’s advanced AI technology, enabling it to provide up-to-date and relevant answers. This innovative AI gadget connects seamlessly to your apps, harnessing the power of natural language for tasks while eliminating the need for traditional smartphone use.

Additionally, as part of a special offer, the first 100,000 R1 buyers will receive one year of a Perplexity Pro subscription for free.

This groundbreaking partnership between Rabbit and Perplexity is set to revolutionise how users interact with their devices through enhanced efficiency and personalised operating systems.

Uses natural language for tasks

The Rabbit R1 operates using natural language for tasks, creating a seamless user experience. With the power of Perplexity’s AI technology, users can communicate with the device in a conversational manner to carry out various functions without relying on traditional smartphone usage.

This innovative approach eliminates the need for formal commands or structured interactions, making the Rabbit R1 exceptionally user-friendly and intuitive.

Furthermore, by harnessing Perplexity’s advanced LLM technology, the Rabbit R1 can effortlessly understand and respond to natural language queries. This capability not only enhances convenience but also opens up new possibilities for personalised interactions, revolutionising how individuals engage with their gadgets.

There is no need for traditional smartphone use

The Rabbit R1 does not require traditional smartphone use due to its AI capabilities. By harnessing Perplexity’s advanced technology, the R1 can perform tasks using natural language without relying on a conventional smartphone interface or operating system.

This innovative approach eliminates the need for traditional methods of interacting with apps and devices, making the Rabbit R1 a groundbreaking gadget that offers a seamless and personalised user experience.

Additionally, thanks to its connection with Perplexity’s AI engine, the Rabbit R1 can provide live information and answers directly without depending on a standard smartphone setup.

Unlocking Tomorrow: The Exceptional Benefits of Rabbit R1 in 2024 – CES 2024 Showcase, Advanced AI Capabilities, Large Action Model, and Seamless Integration with Perplexity AI and iPhone.

Improve efficiency, personalise your operating system, and keep up with potential future updates and partnerships.. Discover how the Rabbit R1 can revolutionise your tech experience.

Improved efficiency

The Rabbit R1 maximises efficiency by instantly providing up-to-date answers, eliminating the need for time-consuming searches. With its seamless integration into various apps, it streamlines tasks and enhances productivity.

The personalised operating system tailors information delivery to individual needs, elevating overall performance.

Employing Perplexity’s AI technology, the Rabbit R1 ensures that users can access real-time data effortlessly. Its advanced AI capabilities simplify everyday processes and consistently keep users informed without disrupting their workflow.

Personalized operating system

The Rabbit R1 boasts a personalised operating system that adapts to your preferences and habits. Through Perplexity’s AI technology, the R1 learns from your interactions to offer tailored recommendations and streamline daily tasks.

This unique feature enhances the user experience by providing an individualized interface, making the device intuitive and highly efficient.

Moreover, the personalized operating system allows for seamless integration with third-party applications, ensuring a cohesive digital ecosystem that aligns with each user’s specific needs.

Potential for future updates and partnerships

Rabbit R1 holds great potential for future updates and partnerships. With the integration of Perplexity’s advanced AI technology, the gadget is poised to evolve continuously, providing users with cutting-edge features and enhanced functionalities.

Moreover, Rabbit’s collaboration with Perplexity showcases a commitment to fostering strategic alliances that could result in even more innovative solutions and expanded capabilities for the R1.

The partnership between Rabbit and Perplexity not only ensures access to live information but also sets the stage for future collaborations that can bring about exciting developments in AI-powered gadgets.

Tech Marvel Introduced: The Features and Design Excellence of Rabbit Says 199 R1

In the ever-evolving landscape of generative AI, a groundbreaking startup named Rabbit Says, led by CEO Jesse Lyu, has unveiled an innovative new gadget poised to redefine the industry. With a form factor half the size of an iPhone, the 199 R1 introduces a paradigm shift in standalone AI devices. Equipped with an AI pin, the gadget seamlessly integrates with Perplexity AI, offering a unique blend of sophistication and simplicity. The Rabbit Hole operating system, developed by the startup Rabbit, propels this device into uncharted territories of efficiency and user interaction. Pioneering a SIM card slot and a batch of cutting-edge features, such as a rotating capability and a voice assistant, the 199 R1 is not just a device; it’s a visionary leap into the future of AI technology.

This handheld marvel, designed in collaboration with teenage engineering, boasts a 2.88-inch bright orange scroll wheel and a push-to-talk button, providing a user-friendly experience. The built-in rotating camera, a testament to the CEO and founder’s commitment to innovation, captures every angle seamlessly. With a robust processor and 4GB RAM, the 199 R1 effortlessly handles apps like Spotify and Uber, making it a portal to a world of possibilities. Boasting 128GB of storage, users can now store their favorite content and order takeout with ease. Rabbit Says has announced the preorder availability of this remarkable device at CES, showcasing its commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology. CNET has already recognized its excellence, setting the stage for the 199 R1 to become the new standard in the tech industry.


In summary, the Rabbit R1 is a game-changing AI-powered gadget that connects to your apps for seamless usage. Powered by Perplexity’s AI technology, it brings live information and personalized operating systems right at your fingertips.

With an emphasis on improved efficiency and the potential for future updates and partnerships, the Rabbit R1 is set to redefine how we interact with technology in our daily lives. Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking assistant—it’s more than just another gadget; it’s a revolution in how we access information and operate in today’s digital world!




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