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If you like horror set in the dead of winter, writer/director Billy Hanson’s feature film debut Bone Cold is right up your alley. Following two elite snipers after a tragic accident, the film follows their efforts to survive attacks by something strange in the woods. After bad information from headquarters results in a tragic civilian death, a duo of elite snipers try to flee the area, but can’t seem to shake a mysterious, inhuman creature that stalks them from the shadows. In our exclusive clip from Bone Cold, the pair encounter something terrifying lurking in the cold, dark night.

♟️Here: ‘Bone Cold’ (2023) Full Movie Online ♟️Watch

After a devastating civilian death, a sniper and his spotter are haunted by something supernatural in the woods in our exclusive clip from Billy Hanson’s new action thriller Bone Cold. You can check out our exclusive clip below and keep an eye out for Bone Cold when it hits Digital, Blu-ray and DVD on June 13th from Well Go USA Entertainment!

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An experienced elite sniper attempts a nightmare escape after a botched mission, tracked by enemy soldiers desperate for revenge and hunted by something evil and monstrous, hungry and determined in the action-thriller BONE COLD, debuting on Digital, Blu-ray™ and DVD June 13 from Well Go USA Entertainment. The first feature film for writer/director Billy Hanson, BONE COLD stars Jonathan Stoddard (Falling for a Killer), Matt Munroe (Independence Day: Resurgence), Trinity Bliss (Avatar: The Way of Water), Jennifer Khoe (Fear Frequency, Overrun ), Shaan Sharma (“The Chosen”), Elise Greene (Torn: A Wicked Trilogy) and newcomer Danielle Poblarp. Bonus content includes a Making-of featurette and blooper reel.

Synopsis: After bad information from headquarters results in a tragic civilian death, a duo of elite snipers try to escape the area, but can’t seem to shake a mysterious, inhuman creature that stalks them from the shadows.

Maine is versatile. From the summit of Mount Katahdin to rugged, rocky coastlines to vast stretches of unspoiled wilderness, Maine is a filmmaker’s playground. Just ask Maine native Billy Hanson, whose new film, the military-meets-monster action thriller Bone Cold, makes its Maine premiere at Apple Saco Cinemas this weekend.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, in miniature,” Hanson said of the winter horrors of “Bone Cold.” “Maine is so scenic, so beautiful.” Hanson isn’t wrong, as “Bone Cold” takes place in a series of bleak, chilly locations scavenged from a family friend’s camp in West Parsonfield. It is here that his film’s two protagonists, a military sniper team played by Hollywood pros Johnathan Stoddard and Matt Munroe, pursue a top-secret Russian target across the isolated borders of Ukraine—and where something otherworldly may or may not follow them.

Bone Cold is a taut, well-acted and crisply directed indie film, with the tactics and actions of the central Black Ops duo displayed with authority and the violence, when it comes down to it, painted in shocking explosions over fresh snow. For a low-budget film made in Maine, it’s a significant addition to the action-horror genre, qualities that attracted international distributor Well Go USA Entertainment and will see “Bone Cold” receive a DVD, Blu-ray and video release in requests for issued on Tuesday, June 13.

For Hanson, a Presque Isle native who lived in Caribou, Madawaska and Old Orchard Beach before moving to Los Angeles in 2007, returning to Maine was instrumental in the development and eventual success of “Bone Cold.”

“All the communities I’ve been in in Maine have all been incredibly supportive of the arts,” Hanson said, “and that’s exactly what happened when we arrived. People embraced us. My producer, Jaclyn Amor, and I went to a radio station in Maine to call for extras and we had dozens of e-mails before I got back to my car. Our prime location was only accessible by snowmobiles in the winter and a local snowmobile club (thanks to the credits ) took us out there on a sled. That doesn’t happen anywhere else.”

Hanson, a TV and film professional in LA, notes that his colleagues in California have been so impressed with his experience in Maine that he hopes “Bone Cold” can serve to direct more productions in the state. his birth. “I had friends call me and ask, ‘Should I go there?’ Hanson said with a laugh. “And, frankly, I had more offers of help here than I could use.”

♟️Here: ‘Bone Cold’ (2023) Full Movie Online ♟️Watch

That said, Hanson, a strong supporter of filming tax incentives, is realistic about how far Maine’s hospitality and scenic beauty can stretch against states and places where economic incentives for film production are a higher priority. “My view of the Maine Legislature is that there is this opportunity to bring in money — it’s all about whether or not you want to take advantage of it.”

Of course, filming in Maine in the winter in a remote location with a small crew and no real money brings its own unique challenges. Fortunately, Hanson’s intrepid band and crew were up for it.

“Everybody was game,” Hanson said, admiringly. “Most of the crew were friends. We had no money, we lived in cramped quarters in the middle of the woods in the winter, but everyone said “Let’s go hit it up.” Hanson’s inner circle of collaborators also extended to his mom, whose large 4k TV provided the perfect place to show the daily papers while the cast and crew mingled at her home in Saco. “People saw the footage and all their doubts disappeared,” Hanson said, “They said, ‘I totally get it.'”

So do I. “Bone Cold” has muscular yet realistic action and terrific suspense (with a number of impressive special effects), placing this low-budget effort in the upper echelon of indie action horrors you’ll find on your streaming service favorite . Part of that is down to the uniformly solid cast, and part of it stems from Hanson’s smart, surprisingly sensitive script. Stoddard’s Jon, an expert marksman whose unwavering professional confidence is shaken by a series of questionable orders and inexplicable events, is the vehicle for Hanson to examine PTSD and say some provocative things about the mercenary war that takes members of the service.

“I’m aware,” Hanson confessed. “I don’t have that background at all. But I talked to a good friend who did two tours in Iraq and a Navy SEAL sniper who, in long conversations over a bottle of whiskey, told me all. How soldiers must routinely do things that no ordinary person should have to face and make decisions that no one should have to make. And how it lasts when they get home.” Hanson, in the guise of a low-budget monster movie, was very conscious of not letting his protagonists down, even when the disadvantaged position they find themselves in sees them make some truly terrible choices. “I don’t want to be exploitative in a way that hurts the conversation,” Hanson explained.

What happened to Opie’s mother in “Andy Griffith”?

“Bone Cold” and Billy Hanson’s circuitous journey from LA (where Jon’s life is shot with his increasingly worried wife and daughter) to Maine (a bus stop in downtown Portland connects the two Maine film locations ) is definitely a winner. Hanson, noting that Saco Apple Cinemas was where he first fell in love with movies, is excited to bring home this long-gestating effort, shot from Maine. (Hanson and his cast and crew will be in attendance.) He’s also relived that the years-long quest to make, sell and release “Bone Cold” has finally come to an end, something the pandemic kept pushing back and forth. . an uncertain future. .

“We shot in 2019 and 2020, and while the pandemic didn’t hurt us during filming, it wreaked havoc in post-production,” Hanson explained. “We finally closed in mid-2022, so basically, the lockout added two years to our schedule. I’m so glad it happened.”

Preparing to take his film right back to where his filming journey began, Billy Hanson is excited — and not a little proud of what he and his crew have accomplished. “I’m in the weird position of being a first-time filmmaker who’s happy with the work,” Hanson said. “We got hit with a lot of blows, we had a super low budget for this kind of guerilla passion project, and a really good company was left behind. For small films it’s against, the acting is really good, the story is well done – I have no delusions of grandeur, but I’m very proud.”

“Bone Cold” will make its Maine premiere in three showings Saturday and Sunday at Apple Saco Cinemas. Next Tuesday, the film will be available on Digital, Blu-ray & DVD, complete with special features including a trailer and blooper.

♟️Here: ‘Bone Cold’ (2023) Full Movie Online…♟️Watch



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