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In this digital age, music playback has become incredibly convenient, but do you ever want to go back in time and feel the pure charm of music again? High fidelity Retrolife vinyl player in retro style, R517 will take you on a different kind of musical journey, allowing you to relive the classics and step back into the recording era.

1. Features of Retrolife R517:

1. 2-speed adjustable turntable: supports 33 1/3 and 45 two speeds, can play 7-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch turntables in three sizes, and supports 99% of records on the market.

2. Built-in speakers 30 watts (2x10w full-range speakers, 2x5w tweeter) stereo speakers.

3. Adjustable needle pressure, full-size aluminum turntable, professional turntable structure design, carefully adjusted by first-class engineers for enthusiasts.

4. Bluetooth input: easy to connect your phone and play digital music wirelessly.

5. Moving Magnet Cartridge: The Audio-Technica 3600L’s moving magnet cartridge system leads the industry in technology and restores a more realistic vinyl sound quality experience.

Classic and retro look

vinyl player R517 it has become a wonderful scenery with its classic and retro design. Made of high-quality wood, its natural wood grain and wood texture exude a touch of warmth. The wooden handle and gold-edged trim of the audio jack add an elegant temperament to the whole car. Through the transparent acrylic dust cover, you can quietly enjoy the entire process of playing the turntable, as if you travel back in time and are in the years filled with musical memories.

三、 High fidelity sound quality

Vinyl records have always been loved by music lovers for their unique charm of sound quality. The R517 is equipped with high-fidelity sound quality, and every song can be presented with excellent sound effects and realistic tones, allowing you to relive the charm of classical music. The unique moving magnet disc device ensures that the stylus is in constant contact with the recording, bringing more realistic and full sound quality performance.

The high-fidelity sound quality of the R517 vinyl player depends on the following factors:

1) Production quality of the reproducer: The R517 adopts precise mechanical structure and high-quality MDF material to ensure that the stylus is in stable contact with the record and reduces vibration and noise, thus ensuring high-reliability sound quality.

2) Stylus, tonearm and gramophone: The stylus is an important component that converts the grain of a recording into an audio signal. The R517 uses the highly reliable Audio-Technica ATN3600L stylus using high-quality materials and precise processing to ensure accurate reading of recording information. The S-shaped tonearm design uses stiffer carbon fiber material so that the tonearm can stably maintain the correct position of the stylus in recording. Aluminum turntables are more durable than turntables made of other materials such as plastic or rubber. Its heavier mass helps reduce vibration and resonance, keeping the record spinning steadily, thus ensuring more accurate and consistent sound quality performance.

3) Rotation speed: The standard rotation speed of the R517 is 33⅓ and 45 revolutions per minute (rpm). The turntable is equipped with a powerful drive capable of accurately maintaining these two speeds to ensure accurate sound performance and sound quality.

4) Sound system of the player: A high-fidelity vinyl player is usually equipped with a higher-quality built-in sound system, such as speakers, amplifiers, etc. The R517 has a built-in 30-watt stereo speaker (2x10w full-range speaker, 2x5w tweeter). The high-quality audio system can better restore the music signal in the recording, thus providing more realistic sound quality.

四、Multifunctional music experience

In addition to playing vinyl records, the R517 also has many functions, allowing you to swim in the ocean of music. Built-in Bluetooth technology, easy to connect smart devices, allowing you to enjoy digital music anytime. AUX extension, USB plug-in and other functions allow you to have more choices of music sources.

Auto stop ON/OFF

3.5mm AUX IN

Telephone/line output mode switch

L/R RCA output

Ground connector

五、 Convenient operation and comfortable experience

The R517 is easy to assemble, just install the stylus and the counterweight and you can start using it. In addition, its simple and clear operation panel is equipped with intuitive control buttons and knobs for easy adjustment of playback speed and volume. Whether it’s vinyl playback or Bluetooth connectivity, it can be selected at the touch of a button; it’s also equipped with an auto-stop button, which protects your vinyl and needle well after playback.

六、What is included in the package?

Rotary unit *1;

pre-installed cartridge *1;

Dust cover *1;

Belt *1;

45 rpm adapter *1;

Power cord *1;

User manual *1

The R517 is an all-in-one high-fidelity retro wooden vinyl producer an ideal choice for music lovers and audiophiles. Let’s go back to the recording era, revisit the classics, feel the magic of music and make music an indispensable part of life! Choose the R517, choose the true beauty of music!



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