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What You Need to Know

Engaged couple embracing on a dune in Cannon Beach

Searching for the perfect engagement photographer to capture your love story amidst the beautiful backdrop of Cannon Beach can be quite the task, right? Trust me, I get it! With so many options out there, it’s important to find someone who not only knows their way around a camera but also understands how to make you look good! As a frequent visitor to the Oregon Coast and Cannon Beach, I’ve captured countless couples and engagement photos, and I’m excited to share all my tips with you. I’ve got some insider tips and questions to consider as you search for the perfect Cannon Beach engagement photographer. From editing styles to picturesque locations and everything in between, it’s all here. I want your engagement shoot to be an unforgettable experience for you both no matter who you choose to capture your story!

Couple hugging with Haystack rock behind them

Questions to ask yourself before hiring a Cannon Beach Engagement Photographer

The first question to ask yourself: Do you like their photography style?

This question might seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked. Each engagement photographer has a unique style that reflects their vision and artistic expression. Take your time to explore their portfolios and social media to see if their editing style aligns with your preferences. Remember, their style is not something they change for individual requests, so ensure you love the overall look before making a decision.

a couple sitting on the sand at the oregon coast

Will they help you choose a breathtaking location?

Location can significantly impact the mood and overall feel of your engagement photos. Some photographers offer location guides or suggest spots they know will provide stunning lighting and backdrops. A photographer who understands the best locations in Cannon Beach can elevate your photos to a whole new level. Some locations can be overrun with tourists at certain times of the year, while others won’t work very well at high tide. Choosing someone familiar with the area will help avoid any potential problems when it comes to selecting a location. Everyone who works with me gains access to my Oregon Coast location guide to help you choose your favorite spot.

Engaged couple sitting in the beach grass in Cannon Beach

Do the subjects look comfortable in their portfolio?

Comfort is essential during an engagement shoot. A skilled photographer can create a relaxed and enjoyable environment for both of you, ensuring genuine smiles and authentic moments. Pay attention to the photos on their website and social media to see if the subjects appear at ease and genuinely happy.

engaged couple laughing together at the beach

Do they have great reviews?

Researching reviews is an excellent way to gauge a photographer’s reputation and the experiences of previous clients. Check Google for authentic feedback. Some photographers might also have people leave reviews on Yelp or Facebook. Remember, one or two negative reviews don’t necessarily mean they aren’t a great photographer. Look for how they respond to any negative feedback, as it can reveal their professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Woman on piggy back laughing

What are their pricing options?

Engagement photography pricing can vary widely. Consider the experience and services offered when comparing prices. Some photographers might offer a client closet or help with location selection, some include products, while others might offer a limited amount of digital files. Every photographer is different so make sure to choose the perfect combination for your needs. Keep in mind that investing in an experienced photographer who ensures a smooth, fun, and low-stress session is worth it for capturing truly amazing engagement photos of you and your partner.

Man picking up his fiancee with a rainbow lens flare created with the lensbaby omni filter

Does their personality match or compliment yours?

Personality is an essential factor that can greatly influence your engagement session experience and the overall quality of your photos. If you and your partner are fun-loving and playful, choosing a photographer with a serious demeanor might not bring out your authentic selves in the images. On the other hand, if you’re more calm and sentimental, an energetic and upbeat photographer might not be the best match either. It’s crucial to connect with your photographer on a personal level to ensure they can capture the essence of your love story genuinely. Before hiring a photographer for your engagement session, take the time to explore their website, about me page, and social media presence. Look for cues that resonate with your vision for the shoot. As for me, I pride myself on being fun and playful, while also providing a calming presence that helps you and your partner feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera. Together, let’s create an engagement session that truly reflects your love, personalities, and connection you share.

collage of engaged couple on the oregon coast hugging

What locations in Cannon Beach make for stunning engagement photo backdrops?

There are quite a few really great spots in and near Cannon Beach that are perfect for engagement photos! One of my favorites is taking photos a bit farther away from Haystack Rock to avoid the crowds, but you can still see it in the distance. That’s where we took the photos in this blog post. I also really love Ecola State Park, Hug Point, and Arcadia Beach.

couple looking at each other

What’s the ideal time of day for capturing the best lighting in Cannon Beach?

When the sun is out, the best time for engagement photos in Cannon Beach is going to be around sunset. I typically start my sessions around an hour before sunset so we can take advantage of the beautiful, golden sun setting over the ocean. If it’s overcast or foggy (as it can sometimes be on the Oregon Coast), then we will probably start your session an hour early to make sure we still have enough light for your photos.

closeup of a couple with faces close, almost kissing

What should we wear for beach engagement photos?

Clothing can make or break your final images because colors and style can make a huge impact on how your photos turn out. I encourage the couples I photograph to plan two outfits. One casual, and one that’s a bit more dressy. This way you can start the session off having fun, playing around, running, and being a bit silly. Then you can switch to another outfit for a more romantic feel.

When it comes to what colors to wear, I really love warm colors at the beach, especially when it’s cloudy. If you plan all cool colors and then it’s cloudy, there’s nothing to give you that pop. I personally love rust, mustard, camel, and dusty rose for beach sessions. But those can be paired with a cool color like teal or blue or paired with neutrals like cream, gray or brown. I am always here to help with styling to make sure your outfits will look amazing at the beach!

engaged couple walking up a sand dune in cannon beach oregon

How long does an engagement photo session typically last?

There are some different factors that will determine how long your session will last but typically they are around an hour. Things that might affect the time would be if the location requires more walking, if we are going to two locations., or if you’ve added a video to your session. I don’t put a specific time limit on my sessions, we stop when it feels right!

full sun photos of a couple at the beach
engaged couple sitting on the beach at sunset
silhouette of a couple at cannon beach

How can we get scheduled for our Cannon Beach engagement or couples session?

If you’re looking to get on my calendar, you can fill out the form on my contact page and I’ll get back to you ASAP! I can’t wait to plan an awesome engagement or couples session with you at Cannon Beach!



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